Microsoft Excel – From Beginner to Advanced

Level: Beginner Online Course
Duration: 5h 30min
Available: on Udemy

In this special Microsoft Excel – From Beginner to Advanced course you can learn to use Excel step by step from an absolute beginner level. I say it’s special because it contains several out of the ordinary data visualization techniques, a bunch of real-life examples for Excel functions & formulas, it shows you over 100 Excel shortcut keys to increase productivity, and explains the most valuable feature of Excel called pivot table as simple as possible.

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Who is this course for?

  • Students who’d like to stand out with special Excel knowledge


  • the course was recorded with Microsoft Excel 2019 which is similar to Office 365 Excel version
  • most features work in Excel 2010/2013/2016 or I show you alternatives

Course Content

Section 1) – Getting Started With Excel

If you’re a beginner, in the first section you can learn Excel basics in 30 minutes.

Topics covered in the 30-min Getting Started With Excel lecture:

  • quick overview of the user interface
  • how to save your excel worksheet
  • drag & drop gesture
  • excel rows, columns, cells
  • how to move between cells quickly
  • excel data entry
  • excel data types
  • excel formulas & references
  • excel operators
  • how to select cells, ranges, columns, rows in excel
  • copy & paste data
  • AutoComplete feature
  • AutoFill feature
  • what is function
  • define Name
  • how to sort & filter your data in excel
  • how to create a simple chart with a few clicks
  • multiple worksheets
  • zoom function

Section 2) – Excel Charts Beyond the Standard

Then we’re going to go through several data visualization techniques which you can use to create Excel charts that will impress your audience.

Projects covered:

  • highlight max value dynamically on an Excel chart
  • discover Excel’s conditional formatting feature to highlight key data in your table
  • how to create a map chart that reads well by the viewer
  • how to use icons in your bar charts to make it exciting
  • how to create a progress chart in infographic style

Section 3) – Excel Shortcut Keys to Speed Up

I dedicated an entire section to Excel shortcut keys showing you over 100 Excel shortcuts. The more keyboard shortcuts you know the faster you can work in Excel and more productive you can be.

Shortcuts covered in seven categories:

  • general shortcuts
  • shortcuts for navigation
  • shortcuts for data entry
  • Excel formatting shortcuts
  • selection shortcuts
  • shortcuts for formulas
  • miscellaneous shortcut keys

Section 4) – Most Frequently Used Excel Formulas

I created a section for the most frequently used Excel formulas/functions. You will find lots of real-world examples in these topics:

  • Relative vs Absolute cell references explained
  • working with date functions
  • SUM(), SUMIF(), SUMIFS() functions
  • MIN(), MAX(), AVERAGE(), COUNT() functions
  • VLOOKUP(), HLOOKUP() functions examples
  • INDEX(), MATCH(), XLOOKUP() functions to search data

Section 5) – Pivot Table Made Simple

In the last section we’re getting into an advanced Excel topic. I explain how one of the most valuable Excel features works, the PivotTable. Many people are afraid to use it, but I’ll make it simple for you. We’re going to build several reports, and create a PivotChart too. I will also talk about database design principles. We will create a Data Model, and I will show you how to use PivotTable with multiple tables. So, you’ll be able to use Excel as a real database.

By taking this course you can really take your Excel skills to way above the average.

Don’t worry if you’re an absolute beginner. I’ll explain everything step by step.

If you’re already familiar with Excel, this course is a great refreshing session, and I’m pretty sure I will be able to show you new, interesting things.

Enjoy learning and see you in my Excel From Beginner to Advanced course!